What is meal kit check?

Meal kit check is a consumer-friendly online portal to help you explore the different meal kit delivery services available on the market today. Here you can read other users’ reviews and gather all the necessary information to make an educated choice and find a cooking box that suits your lifestyle, your budget and your diet.

Whether you are a single looking to cut time in the kitchen, a couple of roommates craving new culinary experiences or a busy parent striving to serve healthy nutritious meals for your partner and children – there is a meal kit out there for you. Many modern services also cater to vegetarians and vegans, paleo or low-carb dieters, as well as people with food intolerances. You won’t be left behind no matter who you are or what you eat.

What is a meal kit?

The idea behind a cooking box is simple: someone else takes care of shopping, measuring and – in some cases – prepping, while you do the cooking. Each meal kit comes packed with pre-measured fresh ingredients from meats and vegetables, to sauces and spices. In addition, a handy recipe card guides your steps in the kitchen.

Depending on the meal kit delivery service you choose, your edibles might arrive fresh and untouched to let you craft a plate from scratch, or chopped and prepped for a fast and easy dinner. Some services also deliver ready-to-eat dishes that only require short heating in the microwave or the oven.

Who might benefit from a meal kit?

Meal kits started as a solution for people leading a busy and active life: imagine if the time you normally spend shopping and deciding on your dinners could be invested in finishing that new book, meeting up with friends or spending time with your children.

However, the cooking boxes have attracted many different kinds of people. There are cooking-lovers who take pleasure from the time they spend in the kitchen, but dislike the stress of planning. With a meal kit, the ingredients are chosen and steps are outlined on the recipe card, so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Then there are the culinary adventurers, who would like to try new recipes, foods and cooking techniques instead of falling back to their routine dishes. Yet others might be looking for some guidance to prepare a special dinner or to handle a new ingredient, like fish or a special meat cut.

Meal kits help a variety of people achieve a range of results. What is yours?

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