What kind of a cook are you? Are you looking for a quick meal with minimum equipment or are you ready to spend an hour in the kitchen to whip up an amazing gourmet entree? Do you follow a certain diet or do you eat a variety of proteins and vegetables? Is it important for you to reduce your ecological footprint or does convenience play a larger role?

There are meal kit delivery services that fit a range of lifestyles. The trick is to find one that aligns with yours. Testing your way through each company would take up to several months. So we created a place where you can read our detailed assessment of each subscription service and benefit from other users’ experiences captured in their meal kit reviews.

Here you can evaluate the unique advantages and disadvantages of each supplier, as well as discover their approach and philosophy. Check out whether you might be pleased by their taste profile or how well they accommodate your dietary restrictions. A careful review can help you select the meal kit company that suits both your needs and your budget.

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We are a team of foodies in love with the meal delivery boxes. We believe the companies like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Plated or Home Chef are doing a great job. Our goal is encourage other people to try their service and at the same time give feedback to those companies to improve over time.

That is why our main focus is on gathering high quality reviews from the community of meal kit lovers.

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