Online wine delivery: For fine wine tastings at home

Looking to brush up on your wine tasting and selection skills or just explore some new flavor combinations to bring your meals to the next level? Online wine delivery might be exactly what you need.

What is a wine club and why should you become a member?

Wine subscription is not a new phenomenon. People have been looking for new ways to learn and experiment for a few decades and the demand has been increasing since it became possible to buy wine online.

As a member of a wine club, you usually start by filling out a taste profile to determine what interests you most. Next, you receive a monthly selection of 2-4 bottles tailored to your palette, depending on your wine delivery provider. Each bottle comes with a short description of the origins and flavors, as well as pairing suggestions for beginners.

Some also offer artisan cheeses and meats to go with the alcoholic drinks, but you can become an expert in food and wine pairing on your own as well if you follow a few simple guidelines or read your description cards closely. With your first box in tow, you are ready to throw a wine tasting party!

How to host a great wine tasting party at home?

There is no better way to learn more about this centuries-old drink than to actually taste it in the company of friends. The best wine tasting parties are intimate: the attendees determine how well the evening will go. So keep the group small and plan with about half a bottle for each guest.

Next, select a theme to tie the tastes together, for instance a region, like the French Bordeaux or Italian Tuscany. This can help you pick the accompanying appetizers as well. Otherwise, go with what’s in your box and pair bold reds with aged cheese or red meats and lighter whites with subtler tastes, like tart sauces or seafood.

Then, create a relaxing atmosphere by setting the table with all the necessities: a spit bucket, water carafe and bland bread can help separate the flavors. Conceal the bottles by wrapping them in aluminum foil or placing them in a paper bag for a true blind tasting. Have everyone compare notes and discuss what they taste.

Now, to the order of serving. Sparkly wines always go first and dessert ones go last; plus you go from light to bold and from white to red. Sounds more complicated than it is, since you probably aren’t getting started with 7 different bottles at once. It may be a good idea to serve some bubbly Champaign to lighten up the mood at the start though.

Follow these simple tips to get the most value out of your wine delivery subscription and you will be known as a fun host and a great sommelier among your friends in no time!

Photos by Elisha Terada & Zachariah Hagy


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