Blue Apron

Founded: 2012
Headquarters: New York City, New York
Price: $9,99 per serving


The New York based Blue Apron Inc. is the largest meal kit delivery service in the United States and delivers fresh ingredients and recipes that can be cooked at home. The name Blue Apron is an homage to chefs around the world who wear blue aprons while learning to cook. Blue Apron focuses a lot on teaching customers new recipes and cooking techniques. As a result, Blue Apron’s recipes can take up to 45 minutes to prepare.

They focus a lot on the quality of their suppliers and ingredients and source directly from dedicated farmers. In summer of 2017, Blue Apron made it to the headlines with going public. Subsequently, the share price has dropped significantly as the company is facing quality and efficiency issues in their Linden warehouse.

Meal Plans

Blue Apron offers two basic meal plan options: “For two” which costs $59.99 for three meals and “Family plan” which costs $69.92 for a total of eight servings. Like most meal kit delivery services Blue Apron does not charge you for shipping. Delivery times can be scheduled via your user-account on the website in the Blue Apron app but deliveries need to be scheduled 6 days in advance. The company offers diet plans for vegetarians but no special options like paleo or gluten free diets. The nutritional value of Blue Apron meals varies from 500 to 800 calories per portion.

Packaging and recipes

Blue Apron packs each ingredient separately (including the spices), meat is vacuum sealed and ice packs are provided to keep the food cool. Blue Apron does not put ingredients for certain recipes together so that you need to your ingredients in your fridge. The packaging material is not completely recyclable. The eatables are high quality and most ingredients are locally sourced. Blue Apron works with more than 300 eco-minded farmers and food suppliers to ensure the quality and freshness of their products. The recipes are detailed, easy to follow and cover a large variety of styles like Asian, European or Mexican influences.

Customer Service

Blue Apron puts much effort in the quality and availability of their customer service, which is available via mail, contact form or phone and is quite responsive. The service can be cancelled at any time but this is not as easy as advertised and takes several steps. There is no minimum duration for a Blue Apron subscription and you can skip deliveries if you are not at home. Changes to the dietary selections or deliveries can be done via Blue Aprons website or mobile app.



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Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
- Maggie Runchel | 27.12.2017

Have always received delivery at a reasonable time but hasn't arrived yet today. Twice not received an ingredient,but was compensated each time. Have had a couple of ingredients had to replace due to condition of produce. Overall satisfied

Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
- Alastair Dallas | 15.12.2017

I heartily recommend Blue Apron. In many ways, they taught me how to cook and they certainly helped me explore ingredients like leeks and tomatillos that I would not have tried on my own. On the few occasions when something was missing, the customer service responded to my email in an hour or so and the meal was free. They are a fine company in my book, with boldly creative recipes and top quality ingredients. But...they never use a microwave and they would rather send a block of cheddar than shredded cheese. Both decisions are correct, but I want to cut a few corners in my meal planning, so I find myself opting out of Blue Apron for weeks at a time. They say prep time 45 minutes, I find it takes 90 minutes, and I can buy it pre-prepared. While I love learning about new things, there are ingredients I don't care for--vinegar, fresh horseradish, cabbage--and Blue Apron seems to emphasize things like that. But wow, their beef, pork, and chicken always seem better quality than I can get at the market.

Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
- Cathy | 15.12.2017

Waste? Not sure what this rating means. Been doing weekly meals for 2 since Feb., '17 unless traveling. 95% of the time box arrives with all specified ingredients, meal combinations are great and the prep becomes pretty expected so is easy once figure out the typical routine.

Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
- cynthia | 15.12.2017

I am a huge fan, and I have come to depend on it. For the most part, the meals are fantastic, with only an occasional disappointment. We order mostly vegetarian options, and I can say without any qualifications, that most of the meals are far superior to restaurant vegetarian options. On a few occasions, ingredients have been missing, but the company comped my order as a result. Since we usually get more than the advertised servings per meal, I rarely shop at the grocery store anymore. So, in addition to having delicious weeknight meals, we are saving money on food.

Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
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