Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
Price: $11,95-$13,95 per serving


Gobble is a meal kit supplier that set initially started as a food delivery company and changed their orientation in 2014 to begin supplying pre-prepped kits for speedy home-cooked dinners. It promises that all you need to craft a restaurant-worthy dish is just one pan and mere 15 minutes of your time.


Meal Plans

Gobble has straightforward plans that include three meals in each delivery, meant for two or four persons. The price per serving comes down to $11.95. Thus, cooking for two people amounts to a weekly total of $71.70. Alternatively, a household of four can eat three meals per week for $143.40. Though this option is not available yet, Gobble mentions a 4-meal plan that will cost $13.95 per serving. To spice up the main course, you have a possibility to add a side dish to your order, such as a soup, a salad or cookies, for an extra charge.

However, no other fees or taxes are applied and shipping is also free. Gobble delivers to the continental US. You need to enter your ZIP-code to determine how far their delivery center lies, because arrival days vary from area to area. All boxes come between 8am and 8pm.

The weekly meals cater to both meat-lovers and vegetarians. Gobble’s dishes fall between 700 and 900 calories.


Packaging and recipes

The 15-minute dinners are possible, because many of the ingredients come pre-processed. This includes pre-cooked grains and pasta, pre-made sauces, as well as chopped meats and vegetables. A simple three-step recipe card that guides you through the final cooking steps also sits in each box. Busy families and professionals will enjoy the convenience comparable to takeout and the satisfaction derived from home cooking.

The company homepage is not as easy to navigate: you have to turn to the FAQs to find the important information, such as weekly costs. Gobble’s meal kits with customary insulation and gel packs keep the food fresh in transit, though they do not provide any information about the amount or ecological footprint of their packaging.


Customer service

Gobble’s customer service is available via contact form or phone. You can pass up on weeks after you fill out a short feedback survey, or deactivate your account at www.gobble.com/deactivations/new. However, the deadline to edit meals, skip/unskip deliveries or cancel a subscription for the following week is on Wednesday midnight (11:59pm PST) after the first week.


- Lena | 22.11.2017

We had an incredible experience this week. Great meals and a fun and easy cooking session. Usually, I know my way around the kitchen but I learnt new stuff with Gobble.

100% recommended

- Hannah | 20.11.2017

Gobble is providing grossly misleading nutritional values. They have to be aware of this! We had ordered a dish with meatballs and they said it would be 290 calories per serving!!!

It turns out that it was actually way above 1,000 calories per meal! This is nuts and so unhealthy!!!

- rufio | 18.11.2017

Our family has tried multiple other meal delivery servies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. But Gobble is by far the best. Soo much fresher than the others. Plus really big portions and all recipes are fast to prepare.

- Casey | 10.11.2017

I ordered recipes with fish but they delivered the box to the leasing office in my house and not my door. The office is however not open during hours I can get there. So frustrating.

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