Green Chef

Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Boulder, CO
Price: $10,49-$14,99 per serving


Green Chef is a meal kit provider for customers that follow certain offered diets. They offer meal plans for most current food lifestyle trends, for instance paleo or keto (low-carb). This Colorado-based company also tempts with a 30 minute preparation guarantee. In addition to using sustainable ingredients, Green Chef aims to offset 100% of the carbon emissions involved in the production and delivery of every kit.


Meal Plans

Depending on the number of people in your household, Green Chef offers a 2-Person Plan containing three dinners (for a total of 6 servings per week) and a two-dinner Family Plan that feeds a family of four, consisting of parents and children (totaling 8 servings per week).

The weekly prices depend on the diet-option you choose and range from $10.49 per serving for the Vegetarian Plan to $14.99 for the Paleo and Keto Plans. As a result, the total weekly prices for the three-meal plan for two persons look as follows:

  • Vegetarian: $62.94
  • Omnivore or Vegan: $71.94
  • Carnivore or Gluten-Free: $80.94
  • Paleo or Keto: $89.94

Families can opt for an Omnivore or a Carnivore Plan. The Family Omnivore option comes with a weekly price tag of $95.92 (or $11.99 per serving), while the Family Carnivore option is priced at $103.92 per week (or $12.99 per serving). Calorie counts are printed on the recipe cards and further nutritional values of the meals can be accessed online.

On top of that, a $9 shipping and handling fee is charged per every weekly order. Boxes arrive between 8am and 9pm and can be scheduled for Monday through Friday. Deliveries are available around the US, excluding Alaska, Hawaii and parts of Louisiana.


Packaging and recipes

Green Chef’s meal kits come with pre-measured organic ingredients that can be put together to create a restaurant-worthy dish within roughly 30 minutes. This is possible, in part, because some ingredients are already prepped: chopped veggies and pre-made sauces can be found in some boxes. The ingredients are color coded to match the provided recipe cards, which include step-by-step instructions and photos. The recipes draw inspiration from Asian, European and Latin-American cuisines.

As mentioned, additional nutritional information can be found online, though the company website has a slightly lower usability and may require some digging to get to the required information. The packaging used by Green Chef is relatively eco-friendly and is made from recyclable, reusable, or bio-degradable materials.


Customer service

Green Chef’s customer service is available per email or phone, although phone inquiries are only available on regular workdays. You can manage your kits and choose the weeks you would like to skip through your account. However, these have to be submitted by noon EST (9am PST), 7 days prior to the delivery day. This cut-off time also applies to changes to the meal plan or cancellations. Since there is no minimum commitment, cancellation is possible at any time and has to be initiated through an email. Further instructions arrive in your mailbox afterwards.


- Dora | 18.11.2018

Posts like this make the inentert such a treasure trove

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Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
- Sonya Hamori | 14.11.2018

Great flavor- my 12 year old loved!!

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Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
- Anna | 25.08.2017

This company has a structure in place to rip off consumers. I read a few online reviews and decided to give it a try. READ THE FINE PRINT. They will not let you cancel your subscription without 7 day notice. My 1st delivery came on Wednesday morning. I cooked the 2 dinners Wednesday and Thursday nights. Wednesday's meal was already pretty bad and the KIDS DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT. Being fair, I delayed judgement until after preparing the second meal. It included chicken and pesto and seemed like the kids would like it. Problem is, the flavors and textures do not appeal to most children. WE THREW OUT A LOT OF FOOD. So I decided I should cancel. This was Thursday night. Green Chef refused to cancel immediately, insisting that I have one more shipment the following week. I WOULD HAVE HAD TO CANCEL THE SAME DAY THE BOX ARRIVED ON MY DOOR BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Ridiculous! That's what you get for trusting this company. I will never return to their service due to the poor customer service and rip off policy which requires consumers to cancel before they try, or skip a week so they have more time to cancel. BUYER BEWARE

To the owners/management: How about you give consumers 2 nights to try the 2 meals and then allow them to cancel if necessary? That seems logical to me.

- Luisa | 25.08.2017

I love Green Chef so far, I just upped my frequency, but I keep an eye out for the week's menu and order only what I fancy. I chose Green Chef over the others simply because their ingredients and recipes are top class. Every recipe is inspiring and a pleasure to cook & consume!! Such a relief to know that every ingredient is organic and non-GMO.

Meal kits are not just for super busy people. My husband & I have time to shop for ingredients and plan our meals. But we are hooked on Green Chef simply for the innovative recipes and it keeps our home food interesting. We feel like chefs dabbling with the kits and are enjoying better than fancy restaurant food at a fraction of the price in the idyllic setting of our own patio and backyard!!

Not had any problems for the past one month with delivery or quality.. Keep up the good work green chef!!!

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