Home Chef


Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Price: $9,95 per serving


Chicago-based Home Chef was founded with the goal to bring people together around the dinner table. Apart from traditional meal kits, this company offers an option to add smoothies or a seasonal fruit basket to each order. Classical plan subscribers can make sure their dishes meet their dietary preferences and restrictions by filling out a personal taste profile that includes or excludes certain ingredients. Home Chef also partners with a hunger relief organization named “Feeding America” and allows its customers to add a $5 donation to this non-profit with their orders.


Meal Plans

Each week, Home Chef subscribers can select from 11 recipes for both carnivores (featuring steak, chicken, pork and fish) and vegetarians. The plans are priced at $9.95 per serving. Therefore, a two-person household ordering three meals per week would pay $59.70 per box. Customers may create a diet profile and pick dishes that feature more meat, seafood, or vegetables, as well as choose among low-calorie or low-carb options. In addition, customers can set certain preferences which ingredients they would like to avoid. For example, customers can opt out for pork, soy, red meat, wheat, milk and mushrooms. Nutritional values of each course are printed on the backside of the recipe card and are also available online.

Shipping is free for all orders exceeding $45 and costs an additional $10 for orders failing to meet that amount. Deliveries are possible to 98% of the US territoryWhen the boxes arrive at your doorstep depends on your location; you can enter your ZIP-code for an estimated delivery time.


Packaging and recipes

Home Chef’s meal kits come sorted by recipe: most ingredients necessary for each creation are placed together in a separate bag, unless they have to be cooled. Proteins are vacuum-sealed and surrounded by ice packs. Recipe cards are adorned with a picture of the final dish, the name of the chef and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

The company page is not instantly transparent. Though price per serving is easy to find, further options that would help calculate total weekly prices are not displayed unless you start the registration process.

The shipping boxes are lined with cotton-enhanced fibers making them bio-degradable, plastics are recyclable and the non-toxic gel packs can be safely drained. Home Chef’s packaging is eco-friendly overall.


Customer service

Email, contact form, online chat or phone are your alternatives if you would like to reach the customer service. Home Chef allows you to skip weeks by removing them from your schedule in the members area or by temporarily pausing your account. The latter effectively cancels your subscription, while leaving an option to come back and reactivate it, if you want to place another order. Make sure to attend to the weekly deadline on Friday at 12pm CST.


- Helen Dufreche | 13.08.2018

OMG! First, let me say I NEVER leave bad reviews....however THIS company is SO bad, I actually researched online to see how to leave a review and spare others the terrible experience that I had! On my FIRST shipment, one of two sweet potatoes came soft with black spots all over it. I didn't notify the company, since I figured this was probably a one-time occurrence (WRONG). My SECOND shipment arrived and one of the many gel packs to keep the contents in the box cool had ruptured and there was a clear jelly substance over ALL of the contents in the box. I called and told them what had happened and questioned if it was safe to eat and I was told YES. My THIRD shipment arrived and when I opened the box a zucchini had white foam on it and was bad. I emailed them and they gave me a credit on my next box. My FOURTH and LAST box came with not one but TWO rotten baby cucumbers. COME ON!! This company needs to get it together! I deactivated my account and they wanted to know why....so I told them all that I am telling you now. They said they would give me a $15 credit. NO THANKS! I'm now with Hello Fresh and am happy. Do NOT use Home Chef! If you do, you WILL have problems!

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Quality of ingredients
Waste generated
- ewa | 10.08.2017

Worth trying!

- Barbara | 08.08.2017

Could be better!

- Chris | 07.08.2017

After the 6th box: problems with the change of address after relocation, package did not arrive with us. From the idea I was initially very enthusiastic and also great recipes.

- John | 07.08.2017

On the whole okay. Complaints are annoying and have accumulated in the end. Sometimes a coconut milk has burst, sometimes

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